The 7 Churches of Revelation – “Take It to Heart”

The 7 Churches of Revelation – “Take It to Heart”


This series is called:  The 7 Churches of Revelation.

This series examines the first 3 chapters of the Book of Revelation. John the Apostle wrote this letter with an eye on the future unfolding of events in the end times. However, he also brought a message from our Lord that addressed 7 of the known churches near the island where John was exiled. These messages to each of the 7 churches were powerful reminders of what God desires from His churches. They continue to speak to all churches today. 

This week’s message is “Take it to Heart”, and today we will do a review of all that Jesus said to the churches in Revelation. It will be an opportunity to ask, “Where are we?” as a church. Then we will prayerfully ask, “Where are we headed?” as we launch into the new year 2019. God is good, and we should be excited about His plans for us next!

by Pastor Walton Yuen
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