Missionary Support

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” Matthew 28:19-20

Locations of Missionary Support: United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Taiwan, East Asia


The vision of Grace One’s involvement with missionary support comes out of the Great Commission, Matthew 28:19-20. Our mission is the same mission our Lord Jesus gave to His disciples then and gives to us today. As His Church, we are privileged and honored to heed His call to reach out to the lost and bring the Good News to all peoples in the world. Although Grace One was born with a strong Asian “flavoring” and way of doing things (the fact that God has brought hundreds of Chinese into our church family may have something to do with that), one of our key church values has always been cross-cultural missions.

It’s not enough to reach out to our family and friends. It’s not enough to just bless the Chinese people in Charlotte. God’s call reaches far beyond the close-by or the comfortable. Within our communities, our city, and beyond, there are many who have never heard a clear compelling presentation of the Gospel. We are called, as every church is, to extend our heart and hands to all cultures, all people groups, in this world with Jesus’ message of the Kingdom.

At least 10% of Grace One Church’s total annual budget is assigned to missionary support every year. This includes communication of God’s heart to the local Grace One church but definitely also in support of missionary beyond our four walls. This looks like short-term missions trips throughout the year as well as prayerful support and encouragement for several missionaries. Since we first launched out in May 2016 on our own until today (Nov 2017), we have had the privilege to partner with seven missionaries who are serving faithfully and courageously around the world.

We continue to seek out new ways to increase people’s prayers and connection and engagement with our missionaries and also support new missionary each year. If you’d like to be a part of what God is doing globally through Grace One, give us a call or drop us an e-mail. We’d love to hear from you!

Candy Zhang – United Kingdom                                          

Working with a campus fellowship at Middlesex University, Candy is being used by God to share the Good News and to disciple Mandarin-speaking students there. She serves at weekly fellowship gatherings and leads Bible studies. She is also heading up various media projects to more effectively bring the Gospel to the students. Pray for wisdom and new opportunities for the students to engage over the Bible and the Kingdom message.

Luke Zhang – Germany                                         

God called Luke to be a full time Christian worker through the Gen.12:1-3 passage which moved his heart to respond to the huge needs of lost with the Gospel. After 3 years of struggle, he finally confirmed God’s call and laid down his profession to start training at Fuller Theological Seminary in 1992. He was a core coworker and deacon of Berlin Chinese Christian Church (1989-1992); Founder of Shenzhou Mission Church in Los Angeles, California (1992-1998); Adjunct professor of several Chinese seminaries in US; Founder and directory of the Chinese Ministries, The Sowers International (1995-Current); In August, 2017, he and his family moved to Germany to evangelize the Chinese students/ new immigrants there, partnering with The Europe Campus Ministry, but still under The Sowers as a missionary for fund raising and spiritual covering.

Rickie Zheng – Charlotte, NC, United States                                         

Rickie grew up in New York city and came to know Christ as a teenager from his older brother. He attended Villanova but God eventually led him to connect with the youth at Grace One in Charlotte, NC. He served the FUSE youth for several years, praying for and discipling the young people there. He worked at a bank during that time, but he left that field in 2017 to serve full-time at One7, a refugee ministry in Charlotte. He loves to engage in outreach, discipleship, and leadership development among students. He and his wife Shinhae live near One7 and attend Grace One. Pray for good health, a thriving marriage, and abundant fruit from his ministry.

Brenda Carter – Taiwan                                         

Brenda has been serving on the mission field with MTW for 31 years. After two years teaching English at Christ’s College in Taipei, Brenda started helping an MTW church plant among the Hakka Chinese in San Yi, two hours south

of Taipei. The Hakka are classical Han Chinese who have their own distinct culture and language (only 0.35% of the over 4 million Hakkas in Taiwan are Christian). She has served in outreach, evangelism, discipleship, Bible teaching, ministry at prison and drug rehab facilities, translation, small groups, hosting mission teams, English outreach, supporting the local church in missions, etc. Brenda has also served on the board of the Hakka Missions Seminary since its inception in 2000. Pray for Brenda’s future ministry to help train and encourage national and international church planters and missionaries.

Other Missionaries – East Asia                                         

Grace One Church supports three other missionaries working in the East Asia area.



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